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Making the rest of 2019 count

Hey there, it's Katie!

It's already going to be November! Isn't it strange that this year is almost over? If you haven't already, I highly recommend taking a moment or a few to reflect back on the last 10 months. What did you accomplish? Did anything change? Did you learn anything new? I love to ask myself these types of questions, with a compassionate heart.

Be productive, not busy!

This time last year, I was having trouble finding good things I was able to accomplish. I could only think of all of the New Year's Resolutions I didn't complete. And even worse, I was stuck worrying about how my life was changing (or lack thereof) for the worse. This year, I set out to simply use my planner. I did not quantify it, even if that is supposedly the best way to accomplish something. The essence of this goal is to continually look forward to the future and commit to small actions that will add up to bigger accomplishments. And of course, a planner is an organizational tool, which is one of the best things it's done for naturally messy me (oh goodness, now I'm having flashbacks to middle school when I first used them). Reflecting on my month and figuring out what needs to be done in the next week or month really helps me focus on meeting my goals.

I haven't blogged in a few years. I really miss this format. I just think there's something special about writing long format prose and combining images with the content. I hope to continue, even if it's just small thoughts or reflections like this entry. Thanks for reading! Be kind to yourself and work towards your goals while we wrap up this year.

Katie Lazo

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